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Clayton Patterson "$16 Burger Show"

The $16 Burger show,” was a pop-up exhibit featuring Clayton Patterson’s photographs and embroidered designs, along with his life partner Elsa Rensaa’s paintings. The gallery space was an overpriced burger joint in the Meatpacking District of NYC (hence the $16 Burger title)


I assisted Clayton by curating through 20+ years of his photographs and illustrations to be carefully restored, redesigned and digitized for the use of merchandise, prints, and embroidered canvases. 


The opening was a hit, leaving art-world luminaries patiently waiting in line in the pouring rain. Clayton's work brought together personalities like Jeffery Deitch and pioneers from New York City's subcultures.

The new found attention we brought to Clayton's work led to a collaboration with Supreme for their 2021 Spring Collection

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